Casetify Also Steals iFixit's Design

 Yesterday Dbrand and JerryRigEverything filed a lawsuit against Casetify who were found to have stolen their various frame designs. Today they were also found to have stolen X-ray scan images produced by iFixit on the "X-Ray" frames they sell.

The use of this iFixit image was discovered by Dbrand who also just launched their X-Ray scan frame yesterday. iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens has thanked Dbrand for reporting the unauthorized use of the image to them. Unlike Dbrand, iFixit has not released a statement on whether they will also sue Casetify.

Casetify's act of plagiarizing designs and using images without permission is a shame. Yesterday Casetify said they have withdrawn the sale of several frames that are said to imitate Dbrand's designs and have started an internal investigation into how this could have happened.

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