Crossless Toll System To Be Tested In 2024 – Use ANPR, RFID Technology

 In the highway arena, in addition to the introduction of an open payment system that allows the use of credit and debit cards, the next step that many are looking forward to is the introduction of a barrier-free toll system.

Sharing today, the Deputy Minister of Public Works stated that he will try this barrier-free toll system in 2024, as well as collect various data for it. To achieve this, it will use a collection system based on Automatic Registration Number Recognition (ANPR), in addition to the RFID system.

The use of a toll system without a bar is expected to allow smoother travel on the highway because there is no need to slow down the vehicle drastically for payment purposes.

With this new partnership, together we look forward to 2024 for the initial testing of this barrier-free toll payment system.

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