Epicon Tower That Looks Like A Spaceship Will Be Built In Saudi Arabia

 I am a fan of science fiction series and movies. In science fiction films in space I like to see the designs of spaceships used because without air friction they can use various designs without having to think about aerodynamic concepts.

One of my favorite spaceships is the weird looking USCSS Nostromo from the movie Alien. In Saudi Arabia, the Epicon tower will be built with a similar design to the Nostromo.

Epicon is a commercial tower that will house hotels, shopping centers and residences. It actually takes inspiration from mirages seen in the desert. From afar the Epicon will look like a floating mirage but it is not an illusion.

There are two towers in the Epicon project one is 225 m high and the other is 275 m high. Epicon is still under planning at this time. When completed, it will become another luxury settlement and tourist area under the NEOM project which will also house The Line - the world's longest building and the crystal-like Trojena Project tower in the snowy area.

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