Google Ever Wanted to Buy Epic Games

 Google and Epic Games are currently in a lawsuit hearing following the banning of the Fortnite app from the Play Store. Various industry secrets have been revealed such as Google paying Samsung to use their ecosystem, Spotify being given a 15% cut on every payment and the billions paid to Apple to stay on Google Search.

It was recently revealed that Google once considered taking over Epic Games in 2018. It was done before Google Stadia was launched and at the initial stage they wanted to invest $2 billion to hold a 20% stake in Epic Games. Google also wants to collaborate with Tencent to allow Epic Games to be fully owned.

But this plan has been canceled due to various obstacles that may be encountered before the purchase can be finalized. It's now 2023 and Google has ended Stadia due to lack of traction while Epic Games is struggling financially. The landscape of the video game world might be different if Google bought Epic Games.

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