Instagram Updated With More Editing Options

 Instagram is one of the social media that has many users. It is also often used by those who have a hobby in the world of photography. In addition, now in the era of technological sophistication of the camera system that exists on smartphones.

Recently several major updates have been made to the application aimed at providing more new editing facilities for users. The update involves all existing features and functions such as Reels, Posts, Stories and Carousels. At the same time also help users better understand content performance through the brand new Reels Insight.

Through it the process of producing videos becomes easier with several new editing options such as scale, crop, rotate, undo and redo. The interface also looks neater with a similar design offered on the TikTok app. Also provided is the Media Clip Hub to access content that can be edited with AI tools to create stickers for example to add to Reels.

In addition, Instagram also added up to 10 text voice options in addition to six new text styles in various languages. In addition, users can also add outlines or lines to the text for better clarity.

Meanwhile audio access has also become easier with a new way for the audio browser. At the same time, draft support has also been given a new lease of life with a simpler and neater edit display. Where users can now pre-preview, rename and schedule drafts in advance.

With the new update, Instagram has also added several new photo filters, while also improving Reels Insight support to help users understand the type of content that can garner longer views.

All this has also been announced by Adam Mosseri who is the chief executive officer of Instagram through a short video on the official account.

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