Malaysian Company Sues Apple Over Patent Infringement Issue


Salutica Bhd. is a local electronic component manufacturer known for their Bluetooth tracker products. Salutica has been known lately because at the beginning of last year, they sued Apple in early 2022.

The suit, which was filed for the first time in a Malaysian court is still ongoing, and most recently, Salutica Allied Solutions Sdn Bhd, a company wholly owned by Salutica Berhad has filed a similar suit against Apple South Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore recently.

This suit was filed because according to Salutica Allied Solutions, Apple South Asia has infringed on a patent owned by the company, and is trying to get an injunction to prevent Apple from developing and selling products that are seen to be infringing their patents.

The patent that Salutica says concerns their CrossPair technology, which is used in products such as their FOBO Tag and FOBO Tire Bluetooth trackers. This CrossPair technology allows their tracking products to be used with multiple smart devices at once, through user account data on the built-in application.

Salutica said that SAS sent a legal letter to Apple South Asia on November 6 through Singaporean law firm Amica Law LLC regarding this patent infringement issue.

For now, it seems that neither Apple nor Apple South Asia has given any feedback to Salutica regarding this suit.

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