OPPO Find N3 Series – A Practical Design Suitable For Daily Use

 Various devices with foldable screens have entered the Malaysian market and this must make it even more difficult to choose the right foldable device for you. Not to mention the variety of designs offered makes you confused which one to choose. The choice must also be weighed whether you want to prioritize a versatile design or an ordinary one.

OPPO is also one of the brands that just unveiled their latest series of devices with foldable screens, the Find N3 series. Through this series, they have introduced OPPO Find N3 and OPPO Find N3 Flip. Both of these devices use a tri-camera system and also offer several other advantages in their design that will make you stunned. So, if you are still confused which is the device of your choice, below are some offers for this series where it is more specific to its design.

What Does This Series Come With?

Let's start with the design similarities to the Find N3 series first. Both models from this series use almost the same design. Among them, on the back of the frame of both devices there is a circle called the Cosmos Ring where it contains a tri-camera system. More interestingly, on the side of the phone, there is a fingerprint scanning system and also an Alert Slider where you can choose silent mode, ring or vibrate if you receive a notification. Both of these devices also use a Flexion hinge where it will be able to make the effect of folding on the screen less noticeable. According to OPPO, with this hinge, you can fold up to 1,000,000 times without a problem.

Advantages of OPPO Find N3 and Find N3 Flip Designs

We have already seen the similarities between these two models, but what is the difference between OPPO Find N3 and OPPO Find N3 Flip? The difference between the two devices for this series necessarily lies in the type of foldable screen used. OPPO Find N3 uses a type of foldable screen like a book while OPPO Find N3 Flip's screen is a type of clamshell. Differences like this necessarily give distinct advantages to both models for this series.

Next, the OPPO Find N3 offers a 6.3-inch main screen where you can scroll the screen using only one hand. Next, on the inside, this device uses a 7.8-inch screen. With a screen of this size, it can give you satisfaction when using it, especially when doing various activities at the same time, including watching videos while reading digital books. In terms of weight, this phone looks light and thin with a weight of around 239g and a thickness of only 5.88 inches.

Turning to the OPPO Find N3 Flip, this device has an external screen measuring 3.26 inches which is enough for using the map while driving or replying to messages faster without opening the phone first. Next, on the inside of the device, the main screen measures 6.8 inches where it is wide enough for you to scroll the screen such as watching videos or playing social media. In addition, the back design of the OPPO Find N3 Flip panel uses a curved design where it can guarantee user comfort when using it.

Besides, you must have experienced a situation where you want to eat while watching a drama on your phone without having to hold it, right? Interestingly, with this Find N3 series, you don't have to worry anymore because through it you can just fold this phone in half and place it on a flat surface in a vertical position. With advantages like these, you can watch dramas calmly without having to look for a phone holder at home and make it a practical device to use.

Protect Your Device and Upgrade Your Style With This Case

It doesn't stop there, to provide protection to the frame of the device, you can just wear a protective casing from OPPO. This case not only provides full protection to the frame of the device, indirectly it is also able to upgrade and complete your style as its owner.

Therefore, for the OPPO Find N3, you can get a matching case called PU Standing where it not only protects the frame, but it can also function as a phone holder. In short, it's like you get 2 functions in 1 item.

For the OPPO Find N3 Flip, this device is offered with two different types of casing. If you like to carry your phone without holding it in your hand, the Portable PU case is the answer. This is because it comes with a handle with a matching color and it will highlight the style of the wearer.

If you want something different, Blicca FUN & FUN is the answer. With this casing, you can make it look like a small handbag or a shoulder bag. This means, it will be easier for you to carry it everywhere because you only have to carry it on your shoulder as if you were wearing a backpack.


In conclusion, the design of the Find N3 series can indeed guarantee user comfort when using it. Not only that, with the external screen on OPPO Find N3 Flip can allow users to access social media or reply to messages faster without having to open the phone first. OPPO Find N3 has a light and thin design which will make the user not clumsy to hold it. The matching casing offered can also complement the wearer's style in any situation.

So if you are interested in getting this OPPO Find N3 series device, you can get it at a price of RM7,999 for the OPPO Find N3 and RM4,399 for the OPPO Find N3 Flip. If you want a protective case for the OPPO Find N3 Flip, you can buy a Portable PU case at a price of RM149 with a choice of Indigo Blue, Beige, and Dogwood Pink colors. While the Blicca FUN & FUN case is sold at a price of RM199 with animal variations GIGI, HAHA, and MEOW. Last but not least, the PU Standing case for OPPO Find N3 is sold at only RM199.

In the meantime, OPPO is also collaborating with Ambush to introduce a gift box with a customizable OPPOxAmbush padlock for the OPPO Find N3 Flip device in conjunction with the AMBUSH HEART collection. So, let's wait for the latest news from OPPO about this. So, don't forget to get the OPPO Find N3 series with its casing by purchasing it through the official website or online store from OPPO Malaysia starting today.

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