iPhone 14 Series Owners Can Use Emergency SOS For Free Until 2025

 Apple introduced the Emergency SOS feature that enables the sending of emergency SMS using a satellite connection last year. Originally the service was only offered free for two years to owners of the iPhone 14 series before they had to pay to continue using it. Today, Appe announced that owners of the iPhone 14 series can use Emergency SOS for free for another year, which is until November 2025.

This means owners of the iPhone 14 series enjoy free service for three years. But this offer is conditional on the Emergency SOS feature having to be activated before November 15, 2023 in supported countries only. Owners of the iPhone 15 series can use this service for free for two years after activation. This means that the Emergency SOS paid plan will only be announced in 2025.

At this time Emergency SOS can be used in 16 countries only and Malaysia is one of the countries that is not yet supported. Since its introduction there have been many reports of iPhone 14 series owners being rescued after accidents in areas without cellular service.

Apple did not say why the service continues to be offered for free and when it will be expanded to other countries. To be sure, on Android devices the same feature has not been widely offered and the Snapdragon Satellite system is now at a standstill after Qualcomm ended its partnership with Iridium last week.

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