Kawasaki Ninja e-1 & Z e-1 Electric Motorcycle Launched in Indonesia – Price Around RM 44K

 From 2019 onwards, Kawasaki has announced the development of their electric motorcycle and last October Kawasaki launched an electric motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja e-1 and Z e-1, which follow the existing Ninja models, namely the Ninja/Z 250cc & 400cc and not looks like any other electric motorcycle. And just yesterday Kawasaki Indonesia launched this model for their market.

The Kawasaki Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 are powered by an electric motor that gets power from two Li-Ion battery packs with a capacity of 50.4 V / 30 Ah. which can be removed weighing 11.5kg each and loaded in the front 'tank' compartment which can be accessed from the top cover opening. The full charge duration of this battery is around 4 hours for each battery unit which offers a travel distance of up to 72km and it does not use already popular electric vehicle charging such as Type 2 or ChaDEMo connections.

The e-1 and Z e-1 models have two power modes namely ROAD and ECO with almost the same speed range. The speed for ROAD mode can reach up to 80km/h while, the speed for ECO mode is limited to 60km/h. Both of these modes have an e-Boost function where the rider can take the speed up to 105km/h.

This electric model is built with a weight of 308.7 lb. Not only that, it also comes with interesting features like Power Modes, Walk Mode (with reverse function), and disc brake system with ABS. There are also accessories such as a 4.3-inch TFT meter panel that can be tethered to a mobile phone.

The Kawasaki Ninja e-1 & Z e-1 were initially sold in the United States at a price of ~RM35,981 and for the Indonesian market, they were sold at a price of IDR 149.9 million (~RM 45,300) and the Z e-1 at a price of IDR 146.9 million ( ~RM 44,393)

Because the electric vehicle market in Malaysia is growing even with the announcement of Budget 2024 which provides benefits to electric motorcycle owners, will the entry of this model into the Malaysian market be considered? The model brought to Indonesia is a assembled model (CBU) from Japan. Let's all look forward if Kawasaki Malaysia will bring this electric motorcycle.

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