Meta Announces AI Emu That Generates Videos And Edits Pictures Using Text


Meta AI announced two of their latest models of artificial intelligence (AI) namely Emu Video and Emu Edit which have quite interesting capabilities. Emu Video can generate short videos based on user-entered text.

Through Emu Video video with a resolution of 512×512 pixels for 4 seconds is generated at a rate of 16FPS. This model is better than the Make-A-Video model shown by Meta AI before. Emu Video also processes faster because it only needs two models to generate a video compared to the five required by Make-A-Video.

Emu Edit simplifies the process of editing images that have been generated by AI. Among the issues when using generative AI is changing a small part of the image that has been generated. With Emu Edit users can enter proms and only the parts they want to change will be edited.

Meta AI says Emu Video and Emu Edit can be used in messaging apps. Animated GIFs can be generated by Emu Video directly by the user without having to search for GIFs through the in-app gallery. Emu Edit can edit photos taken by users without them having any editing application skills such as Photoshop.

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