LHDN Monitors the Activities of Digital Influencers and Entrepreneurs Who Live in Luxury, But Don't Pay Taxes


The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) has now shared that they have a new special unit called the Digital Economy Audit Section (SAED) which works specifically to monitor the activities of digital influencers and entrepreneurs who live in luxury, but do not pay taxes as prescribed.

As many are aware, there are several digital influencers and entrepreneurs who often flaunt their wealth, including cash through their various partnerships. Although it is not an offence, the IRB monitors whether they carry out their responsibilities by paying taxes or otherwise.

In the monitoring process, if someone is selected for review, then they need to submit evidence related to business activities to the IRB, in order to facilitate the compliance review.

The IRB also emphasized that the public should not be upset or afraid. Paying taxes is a responsibility to the country to those who have sufficient conditions. It is also emphasized that the IRB does not interfere with any source of income or business.

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