Samsung Galaxy S9 FE+ Review – The Most Affordable Waterproof Tablet On The Market

 I can say that the design on the device is simple and neat. The frame and back of the device are made of aluminum. While the screen part is made of glass. Since the back of the body is aluminum, it makes the body of the device easily visible dirty with traces of fingerprints.

A bonus on the Tab S9 FE+ is that it's a tablet that passes IP68 water and dust resistance standards. This is a rare feature on a tablet with only the Tab S9 series previously receiving it. So if you want a tablet for children that is waterproof, the Tab S9 FE+ is among those that meet this criteria.

But the Tab S9 FE+ body still looks solid and also feels premium when held. Samsung presents this tablet with four color options namely Mint, Lavender, Gray and Silver. The model I am using is the Mint color.

S Pen

An S Pen stylus is provided with purchase and it is of a thicker and larger type than the S Pen on the S23 Ultra. With this larger size, using it to sketch on the screen feels more comfortable. There is no issue of sore fingers because of her round body. The stylus detects pressure and also the angle it is held. For those who produce digital works this is a necessary feature.

The Tab S9 FE+ software can also read what is written on the screen and then turn it into text. The Google Search search box and the app's search box can also read handwriting.

The S Pen can be stored on the side and back via built-in magnets. It's a pity that the S Pen given is of the normal Wacom type without Bluetooth support. To enjoy Bluetooth support, the S Pen Pro needs to be purchased but at this time it is not yet sold in Malaysia.


One UI 5.1 Operating System based on Android 13 runs on this tablet. The interface is easy to understand and it is actually not much different from the one used on the previous Tab S9 series. Throughout the review period I found the tablet to operate smoothly. Samsung doesn't include many fat apps and any unnecessary apps can be removed by yourself.

The RAM Plus virtual RAM feature allows memory to be added up to 8GB. I used only 4GB while reviewing and many applications can be launched with 12GBB RAM. Users can delete it if they care more about storage than extra memory.

There is Taskbar support that was previously offered on the Z Fold series. With the Taskbar, the process of changing applications can be done quickly. Launching two applications simultaneously in Multi Window mode is also easier because it can be done through a drag and drop action only from the icon on the Taskbar.

Also provided is Samsung DeX with it automatically launching when the Smart Book Cover frame is used. Through DeX, the Tab S9 FE+ transforms into a laptop. It's just a little strange that this DeX mode can't be used on a TV wirelessly like on the S23 Ultra. Why it wasn't included we don't know either. Perhaps this feature is exclusive to Samsung's flagship devices only.


In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ uses an Exynos 1380 processor chip which is a mid-range chip in the same class as the Snapdragon 778G. This is also matched with Tab S9 FE+ which is also matched with 128GB RAM memory and 256GB storage which is quite large. The experience of playing first at high resolution is a bit stuttering at times but for running social media applications and watching movies there are no problems I can report.

Geekbench 6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ – 990/2790

TCL Tab 11 – 316/1224

Xiaomi Pad 6 – 1293/3279

Antutu 3D

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ – 595,820

TCL Tab 11 – 205,796

Xiaomi Pad 6 – 657,448


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ – 2939

TCL Tab 11 – 185

Xiaomi Pad 6 – 1227

In my opinion, the chip used in this device is a satisfactory processor chip and able to provide a good tablet usage experience. It may not have as much power as the Tab S9+ but it's still powerful enough for everyday use. For those who don't need a flagship tablet, the Exynos 1380 is sufficient.


The experience of using the camera is only satisfactory because it is not the best camera on a tablet compared to what is on the market today. The main 8MP wide-angle and 8MP ultra-wide-angle cameras deliver relatively soft images and details that are not well preserved. Even the color of the picture is also slightly faded.

The 12MP sensor for the front camera I can say is at a level that is just enough for a good video calling experience. But this is the reality of mid-range tablets. Satisfactory photographic ability is usually not given much importance by manufacturers.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ also offers a good audio experience with quite impressive quality. This is because, although this tablet is not a special device for audio, but the performance that is heard is sufficient for many types of use, especially listening to music and watching movies on the tablet. This tablet comes with two stereo speakers that are capable of producing clear and strong sound, even it is supported with Dolby Atmos technology that guarantees an immersive sound experience.


The battery capacity of this device is 10,000 mAh which is durable and makes the experience of using it for a long period of time definitely no problem. I can enjoy up to 10 hours of SOT a day for normal usage patterns such as watching movies and browsing social media. What can I say, you are guaranteed not to have to charge this device very often as the battery lasts enough for a day of normal use and two days of light use. With a 45W charger, this large battery can be recharged in 90 minutes. The charging head is not included with every purchase.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ is a tablet marketed as affordable by Samsung. It still comes with a design that not only looks premium but also feels good in the hand. There aren't many tablets out there that pass the IP68 standard and the Tab S9 FE+ is among this small group. Battery life is also good with the added feature of S Pen stylus support for sketching directly on the screen. Samsung DeX mode can also be used to make this tablet look like a laptop.

For daily use it is more than adequate but you have to be aware that it is not equipped with a powerful chip for a first like Genshin Impact. Our performance is also just a standard rate that disappoints some users who want to take pictures with this tablet.

Although it's a good tablet, it's a little hard to say it's really affordable because the selling price starts at RM2799 and goes up to RM3699. I only recommend the Tab S9 FE+ to those who really want a tablet with the Samsung ecosystem, a good build and waterproof capabilities.


IP68 dust and water resistant.

The Taskbar feature facilitates multi-tasking.

Clear and loud audio system.

Fat application free software.

Large and long-lasting battery capacity.


The rear camera is of poor quality.

Accessories such as charging head and outer frame are sold separately.

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