Windows 365 Reveals Brand New Features And Functionality


During the recent Microsoft Ignite event, Microsoft has introduced many new technologies that are seen focusing on the development, use and improvement of artificial intelligence technology.

In the meantime, Microsoft has also shown updates to their existing products, such as the Microsoft Windows 365 cloud operating system which now shows a large number of new updates that benefit global scale companies in particular.

Windows 365 today shows a test for new user subscriptions, where Windows 365 accounts now come with an offer to come along with a built-in GPU or graphics card. This is seen as a very beneficial subscription, especially for those who work in the creative industry and need higher processing power to edit and process high-resolution images and videos, develop high-resolution 3D objects and so on.

Windows 365 Laptop

For IT professionals who often need to access the desktop of company employees to solve user problems, Microsoft has also presented a Windows App that allows IT administrators to log into any interface of Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft Dev Box and so on.

Unsurprisingly, artificial intelligence was also a major focus at Microsoft Ignite this year. In the context of Windows 365, artificial intelligence is used to ensure that the security of user data is always maintained and will be used in the calculation of how many devices should be distributed for new users.

Microsoft is also reportedly working with various third parties to enable Single Sign On features and passwordless support for Windows 365 as well as Azure Virtual Desktop. As an additional security measure, the addition of a watermark during the screenshot is also made to ensure that the data contained is not manipulated.

A number of these functions have already begun to be tested on Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. some other functions will also be introduced in the future as updates to these two cloud operating systems.

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