10 Services Ending in 2023


Yesterday we produced a list of 10 science and technology figures who have left us. Today we list 10 services that have also been terminated throughout 2023.

1. Google Stadia

Video and music streaming is now a popular choice because there is no longer a need to carry a physical disc to listen to it. Just open the app and hundreds of thousands of movies, TV series and music albums can be streamed in an instant. Through Google Stadia, Google wants to popularize video game streaming services. On January 16, 2023, Stadia shut down less than four years after its launch.

The death of this service is as surprising as it was a good idea. As long as there is an internet connection, web browser, TV app or smart device you can access video games with the help of the Stadia controller. No need to buy an expensive gaming console or PC. Unfortunately, Stadia isn't the only Google service to end this year.

2. Fitbit Leaving Malaysia

Another Google product that was shut down was Fitbit, with it withdrawing from the Malaysian, Hong Kong, Korean, Thai and Philippine markets in October. No more products will be offered and Fitbit Premium subscriptions will no longer be offered as of August. The withdrawal from the Malaysian market comes just two years after Fitbit was acquired by Google.

Fitbit has many fans and users in Malaysia making their announcement surprising. This vacancy is not replaced by Google offering the Pixel Watch to the Malaysian market. Fitbit fans are forced to look for alternative smartwatches as a result of their actions.

3. Google Play On KitKat Devices

Another Google service is ending but this time only on devices still persistently running Android KitKat. Starting last August, no more Google Play updates will be given to devices using an operating system that is already 10 years old. Security updates like Google Play Protect, Play Store updates and others will no longer be supported. This puts the risk of a data breach or security vulnerability could occur.

The percentage of devices still using KitKat during the year was below 1% and this was a factor in why support for Android 4 was discontinued. It's not worth it to continue to support an operating system that is already quite outdated.

4. Microsoft Stopped Selling Computer Accessories

Microsoft has announced that they are ceasing the production and sale of their computer accessories, including mice, keyboards and even webcams in April. The focus will only be on Surface-branded accessories from now on.

As a fan of Microsoft keyboard accessories since the 90s, this action by Microsoft left an impact on me personally. Since starting to play around with PCs, I have only bought their ergonomic keyboards because they are the best and most comfortable to use for people who have RSI issues on their wrists.

5. Google Stops Sales And Support For Glass Enterprise Edition

Google's trend of killing hardware and services is unstoppable and continues with Google Glass Enterprise Edition. After nearly four years of launch, sales of Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be discontinued starting March 15. Meanwhile, software support will begin to be discontinued on September 15.

These smart glasses can still be used after the above date, but there is no longer support for software updates and spare parts. Any issues that occur after September 15th need to be managed by the user themselves. This announcement started speculation that Google was ready to launch a new headset in the near future and possibly as early as Google I/0 2023 but this did not happen.

Google, Samsung and Qualcomm had already announced a collaboration to launch a new headset earlier this year but it was suddenly delayed after the Apple Vision Pro was announced.

6. No More iPhone Mini And MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Apple stopped offering the iPhone Mini series this year. Only the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are sold, reducing the choice for those looking for a small iPhone. It is believed that this Mini series is turned off to make room for the new iPhone SE series which was previously reported to be canceled. Is there still a demand for a small iPhone?

At the same time as the launch of the MacBook Pro 14″ M3 and MacBook Pro 16″ M3, Touch Bar support was also officially ended. On the touch screen this is replaced by a row of physical buttons on the top of the keyboard. Since its launch the Touch Bar has not reached its potential even though it is a unique feature that is not offered on other laptops in the market.

7. Intel Stops Production of Crypto Mining Chips

Intel stopped production of Blockscale chips used for crypto mining in April. The chip, which was just launched last year, is no longer in production due to declining demand for crypto mining.

They will stop orders for this chip on October 20th with production to stop completely by April 20th 2024. The focus will now be on investing into their IDM 2.0 which also means they will no longer be involved in modem chip production this year. Intel's modem production business has already been sold to MediaTek.

8. Pgeon Terminates Service After 7 Years of Operation

Pgeon is one of the logistics services that offers parcel and goods delivery services. It has been operating for around 7 years, and now, the service is officially discontinued.

The final collection and delivery date is 30 November 2023. Pgeon through the official website announced that they will officially end the service on December 31, 2023. Pgeon says that although their service is terminated, but their various innovations and goals will continue through their main business, EasyParcel.

9. Astro Ends Go Shop Operations

Astro announced that they will completely stop Go Shop operations effective October 11. Go Shop is a joint venture brand operating under Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd. Go Shop was started in 2014 where it brings together a number of product promotions and discounts for buyers. It is also one of Astro's focuses in the e-commerce arena, making it easy for people to make purchases at any time easily.

Astro stated that the move to stop Go Shop operations was taken due to the challenging economic landscape, in addition to changing consumer shopping styles. A decrease in purchases and changes in demand can be seen since the pandemic. By closing this operation, Astro is expected to focus resources on other businesses.

10. Omegle Shuts Down Suddenly After 14 Years of Operation

The teleconferencing site Omegle was abruptly shut down on November 9 by its founder Leif K-Brooks. It closed after 14 years of operation. According to K-Brooks, one of the reasons is the high operating costs to ensure that users of various ages can use the site safely, causing it to no longer be borne by the company.

But then came reports of Omegle facing multiple lawsuits by underage users who were sexually harassed. The site does not have content filters based on age which makes it a platform used by pedophiles to commit sexual abuse.

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