MidJourney v6 Development Version Now Ready for Testing – Also Supports Text Generation, Comics


MidJourney is one of the services that offers text to image generation, and provides results that are often more beautiful than some other providers. Most recently, MidJourney developers have started offering an alpha version for MidJourney v6.

Through it, it brings a number of innovations, including one of which is the ability to generate text on generated images. Previously, MidJourney did not generate any text or would use random alphabet designs or symbols on the generated results.

However, through MidJourney v6, the matter is overcome, and it now allows text to be generated on the generated image as well. But, it still has problems like some other generative support, where sometimes the text is not produced accurately.

In addition, MidJourney v6 also offers better and more realistic image generation results than before. MidJourney v6 also allows users to create comics through it.

For those of you who use MidJourney, you can access this MidJourney v6 by going to the settings in the Discord window (typing the /settings command), and then selecting the MidJourney v6 generation.

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