10 Weirdest Tech News of 2023


Throughout 2023 we've been treated to the latest device news, science discoveries, robotics advances, new AI models and more. It's all interesting and makes us excited to see what technological advancements will happen in 2024. Not all technology-related news this year is serious. There are many that can be categorized as weird. Here is a list of the 10 weirdest technologies of 2023.

1. In Canada the Thumbs Up Emoji Is Legally Used For Official Contract Consent

What's with the thumbs up emoji? In Canada it means you agree to the content of the accepted contract. A court in Saskatchewan last June ordered Chris Achter, a farmer to pay C$82,000 (~RM288,000) in damages to South West Terminal for failing to supply flax as agreed in the contract.

Archter said he simply sent a thumbs-up emoji as a sign that he received a copy of the flax supply contract rather than agreeing to the contract sent by South West Terminal. The judge, however, sided with the South West Terminal side after hearing arguments about the origin of the use of thumbs since time immemorial.

The use of electronic messaging applications makes not only written consent admissible in court. The best example of divorce can fall even by sending a message through WhatsApp. So be careful with what is written and sent via electronic medium after this.

2. In order to save the Galaxy S23 Ultra, more than 2 million liters of water in the reservoir were removed

What are you willing to do to save a dropped or lost phone? In Chhattisgarh, a state in Eastern India, Rajesh Vishwas, a ruler, emptied the water in a reservoir to retrieve his Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which fell while trying to take a selfie.

A total of 2.1 million liters of water were pumped out over two days to lower the water level to make it easier to find the phone at the bottom of the pool after initial attempts to find it failed. The device was successfully recovered but suffered damage as the S23 Ultra was not designed to be submerged 10 feet for several days.

Rajesh Vishwas has now been suspended for his actions of wasting water that could be used for agricultural purposes. He pleaded not guilty for claiming that the reservoir water was used for picnicking instead of agriculture.

3. Universities In America Offer Scholarships To Students Who Don't Use Smartphones


In Malaysia, scholarships are offered to students who record excellent results in examinations. It is also offered to students who come from a B40 background to reduce the burden on carers. But in the United States, the Franciscan University of Steubenville offers scholarships to students who promise not to use smartphones throughout their studies.

Unplugged Scholarship is the brainchild of a group of university alumni who want to restore the true relationship between students and God. As a religious university, students are only asked to focus on real relationships between other students, pray and draw closer to God as payment for the scholarship received.

A total of 30 students were selected in the pilot program which was launched in September last year. Even so, more than 50 campus students also vowed not to use smartphones despite not receiving a $5000 scholarship to cover tuition fees.

4. "Earwax Remover Font" Invented

According to health experts, humans need to wash the ear cavity once every 4 weeks. For those who may not be amused to clean their own ears, the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System has been launched. It looks like a pair of earphones but is actually a device designed to remove earwax.

The cleaning liquid is placed in two washing chambers. There is a silicone funnel inserted into the ear that drains the washing liquid. The suction mechanism will then remove the cleaning fluid and dirt from the ear cavity before being stored in the sewage chamber. According to the manufacturer, the process of cleaning the ears only takes five minutes.

A pair of OtoSet Ear Cleaning System is sold at a price of $3059 (~RM13,700) each but can only be purchased by health clinics.

5. Canada Prints Danger Warnings On Every Cigarette Stick

Cigarettes harm health with an estimated 27,200 deaths per year caused by it according to the Malaysian Thoracic Association. It is a global issue and Canada is trying to reduce the number of smokers by printing a danger warning on every cigarette sold.

Previously the warning was only printed on each box but from July 2024 it will have to be printed on each cigarette sold in a "King" size box. Starting at the end of April 2025, it will have to be printed on cigarettes sold in regular size boxes and cigars as well. The warning "tobacco smoke is harmful to children" is printed in English and "poison in every puff" in French.

6. Opera GX's “Fake My History” Feature Changes Search History Embarrassingly If User Dies

Search history on a web browser can tell the life of its users. If a good search is done then there is nothing to worry about. But we know everyone has a skull in their closet that they don't want to reveal after they die. The Opera GX web browser introduced a new "Fake My History" feature last July.

Opera GX will constantly monitor the user's internet usage. If Opera is not used for 14 consecutive days, it will assume the user is dead and Fake My History will replace the user's search history with a search history that will not embarrass them if seen by those who are still alive. For those more paranoid about their internet history, this feature can be activated directly with the "Pretend I'm Already Dead" mode. .

7. Powerbank Ship Will Be Built By Japanese Firm

Sustainable energy sources can only be generated by hydro stations, geothermal, waves, windmills, and solar panels. But not all areas of the world are able to access this sustainable energy source due to geographic or financial factors. PowerX a firm from Japan has the idea of solving this issue by producing a powerbank ship that supplies sustainable power to these areas.

Battery Tanker X ships will be equipped with batteries of the lithium-iron phosphate type. Electricity generated from sustainable sources is used to charge the battery cells of Battery Tanker X. The ship then sails to areas around Japan that require power sources. Upon arrival at the destination, the vessel only needs to be connected to the ready grid network and supply power as usual. If all goes well, PowerX wants to start construction of Battery Tanker X in 2025 with a test voyage as early as 2026.

8. 95% of NFTs Now No Longer Have Any Value

Do you still remember the beginning of 2021 when social media was hit by NFT fever. These immutable tokens are hailed as a profitable new investment. Foreign and local celebrities are scrambling to launch their own NFT collection because they don't want to miss out. We are now at the end of 2023 and dappGambl reports 95% of the NFT collection on the market right now has no value at all.

dappGambl analyzed 73,257 NFT collections and at the time 69,795 of them had a value of 0 ETH. An estimated 23 million investors now have a collection of completely worthless NFTs. Only about 1% of NFT collections are found to be worth over $1000 at this time like the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

9. Scientists Now Know Why Some Are Afraid Of Clowns

Are you afraid of clowns? If so don't feel ashamed because you are not the only one with coulrophobia as it is found all over the world regardless of race and culture. Because of this, researchers from the University of South Wales conducted a study on the main reason why some individuals are afraid of clowns.

In a study involving almost 1000 respondents aged between 18-72 years, as many as 53.5% said they had a fear of clowns. Of these 5% said it was an extreme fear.

When asked why this happened, respondents said it was because the portrayal of clowns in the media was the main contributor and not because of bad experiences with clowns. This is in contrast to other phobias caused by previous trauma.

Fear is also caused by the look on the clown's face which cannot be easily read due to the use of thick makeup. Humans need to read facial expressions to interpret whether they have good or bad intentions. So if you don't want your kids to be scared of clowns, don't let them watch the movie IT or any movie with scary clowns.

10. Mark Zuckerberg And Elon Musk Want To Fight In An MMA Match

We conclude our list of the strangest news of 2023 with the announcement of a battle between two billionaires who own the world's most popular social media platform. Elon "X" Musk and Mark "Meta" Zuckerberg reportedly agreed to fight in an MMA match last June.

Then Mark Zuckerberg said the fight had not yet been agreed upon by both sides. He also said he wanted to take the fight with Musk seriously. Therefore the involvement of professional body UFC or One is necessary. Since saying he wanted to beat Zuckerberg in the octagon ring, Musk gave reasons to delay it anyway. Earlier last month, Zuckerberg suffered a knee injury while training. Maybe a match between Musk and Zuck we will see next year?

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