LG Showcases Transparent Antenna Technology For Vehicles


LG has now announced that they will show the design of transparent antenna technology for vehicles, in parallel with the CES 2024 event in early January.

LG says this new technology was developed together with a French glass manufacturing firm, Saint-Gobain Sekurit. The transparent antenna in the form of this film will be added to the vehicle mirror, at the same time providing a more unique design and not showing the antenna design to the public.

LG succeeded in this design through the use of their telecommunications technology which also includes transparent telematics solutions - which is expected to be the focus of many vehicle manufacturers in the future.

With vehicles integrating various sensors and communication technologies, the design of the antenna also plays a key role – so that it does not interfere with the overall design of the vehicle, and at the same time maintains the sensitivity level of the received and transmitted signals.

LG says this solution will be offered in the form of an over-the-mirror or in-vehicle mirror – be it a car windshield, on the roof of a vehicle and so on.

With this partnership, we look forward to the first vehicle that will use this technology.

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