Apple TV Receives a New Breath Through tvOS 17.2

 Last month we reported that the Apple TV app would be updated to become a streaming hub for more video streaming platforms besides Apple TV+. This new update has already arrived in tvOS 17.2 as it can be downloaded today.

In the update, Apple TV now has a sidebar that displays the home page, Apple TV+, MSL season pass, exclusive sports content, digital content store, a new category called Channel & Apps that combines Disney+, Paramount+, Max and more. Apple will also suggest new content to watch through New Shows & Movies, Top Charts, Trending and For You which is not limited to Apple TV+ content only.

The iTunes Store app has also been updated, where the movies section will now direct you to buy or rent through Apple TV. Likewise with the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows application in Apple TV+ which will take users directly to the Apple TV application. Apple has also added user profile support, to change profiles on the Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD box to make it easy for users to access content according to their interests and usage patterns.

Channel & Apps are most likely limited to users in the United States and countries that have access to Disney+ (not Hotstar), Max, Paramount+ and others. In Malaysia, the streaming platforms offered are not the same as in the United States except for Netflix and Prime Video (only no access to buy/rent digital content).

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