Applications for the MARiiCas Electric Motorcycle Use Promotion Scheme are now open


Applications for the Electric Motorcycle Use Promotion Scheme (MARiiCas) are now officially open. Under this scheme, a rebate of RM2,400 is eligible for Malaysians to purchase an electric motorcycle if their income is below RM120,000 per year. Applications can be made through the MARiiCAS official website now.

Users who have registered for the purchase of an electric motorcycle will receive a QR code if their application is approved. The electric motorcycle brands involved with the MARiiCas scheme are









At this time only the names of the companies involved are listed on the MARiiCas website. The page for eligible models has not been updated at this time while the details page about the scheme is also still empty.

All EV schemes announced by the government so far are in line with the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) which seeks to increase the use of sustainable energy and EVs that are more environmentally friendly. For more information on the MARiiCAs scheme please go to the link below.

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