SOCSO Admits Being Hacked But Doubts The Authenticity Of The Leaked Data

 The Social Security Organization (PERKESO) recently issued a statement confirming that their website had been the victim of a hacker attack last Saturday. The crisis management plan was activated on the same day, with the information communication technology (ICT) unit mobilized for the purpose of system recovery. SOCSO emphasized that their daily operations were not affected. All payments of interest, compensation and disability pension to contributors and heirs involved will still be carried out according to the allotted period.

The results of PERKESO's preliminary research found that the validity of the data stolen by hackers is highly doubtful, incomplete and has already expired. This is because a cluster of stolen data has never been observed by SOCSO since this agency was established in October 1971. The attack last Saturday was also not the first time their system was attacked with the last time an attempt was made in September but was successfully defeated.

The sharing party has shared forensic information with the authorities in order to avoid similar attacks also occurring against other government agencies.

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