Various UNI5G Postpaid Plans – Which One Should You Choose?


In today's fast-paced digital world, a telecommunications plan is essential to allow us to stay connected to each other. For those of you who care about premium value and flexibility, postpaid plans are a better option. But with various telecommunication plans available in the market, from packages that offer a lot of data quota to budget-friendly package options, it leaves us somewhat confused – "Which plan should I choose?"

Choose UNI5G Postpaid Plan

Why should you subscribe to a plan from Unifi? Recently, Ookla® has recognized Unifi as the winner for the telecommunications company that offers the best mobile video experience in Malaysia for the period of the first quarter, Q1 and the second quarter, Q2 2023. So, if you are considering subscribing to any plan Unifi, we recommend that you pair it with a 5G phone. It will help you to feel the experience of using the 5G network at an optimal level. But you don't have to worry about choosing which 5G smartphone is right for you. This is because Unifi also offers a plan that allows you to receive a 5G smartphone for free.

Some New Postpaid Plans of UNI5G

Unifi has just launched several new plans under the #Unstoppable plan which is a postpaid plan for the whole family and also some plans for personal use. As for the UNI5G Family Postpaid plan, it is suitable for those of you who want the best internet connection for the whole family. Among the packages offered under this plan are Family Postpaid 129 UNI5G, Family Postpaid 159 UNI5G and Family Postpaid 189 UNI5G.

UNI5G Postpaid Plan For The Whole Family

For the 129 UNI5G Family Postpaid Plan, you will receive 1 main line and 1 additional line FREE. While for the 159 UNI5G Family Postpaid Plan, you can get 1 main line with 2 additional lines for FREE. If you subscribe to the 189 UNI5G Family Postpaid Plan, as many as 3 FREE additional lines will be given with 1 main line.

For all three plans, unlimited calls and data for 5G and 4G networks are provided for the main line. While additional lines will receive an average of up to 30GB of data, and hotspot data can be used from the monthly data quota given. But, if you subscribe to this mobile plan together with the Unifi broadband internet plan, your whole family can enjoy unlimited internet for 5G and 4G networks for all the lines you subscribe to. You will also receive a monthly rebate of RM20, of which RM10 rebate for Unifi broadband bills and RM10 rebate for Unifi mobile bills, as long as you remain an active Unifi customer.

If you are an existing Unifi broadband internet customer, you can also enjoy the same offer if you buy any of the UNI5G Family Postpaid plans. Not only that, through these three plans you can also receive a 5G smartphone for free. In short, this plan offers unlimited 5G and 4G internet, unlimited calls and 5G smartphones are also free. When compared to other telecommunications plans that offer plans for families, this UNI5G Family Postpaid plan is seen as more worthwhile, according to the price offered.

UNI5G Postpaid Plan For Individuals

If you are a student or just working, you can subscribe to UNI5G's 39 Postpaid plan. This is because it offers plans at a pocket-friendly price with 30GB data quota for 5G and 4G networks. However, if you are someone who cares about value and a price worth subscribing to, you can subscribe to the Postpaid 69 UNI5G plan for unlimited 5G data and the Postpaid 99 UNI5G plan for unlimited 4G and 5G data. All three plans allow you to use the hotspot from the given data quota.


So which one do you need? In short, if you are married, you can choose any plan from the UNI5G Family Postpaid plan. These plans offer unlimited 5G and 4G internet, unlimited calls and a free 5G smartphone. If the whole family wants to experience using high-speed internet from Unifi at an optimal rate, you can match this family plan with Unifi's broadband plan. The only difference is the additional line you need and the subscription price.

But if you want a low monthly commitment or are considering switching to a Unifi line, you can try subscribing to their basic plan first. This basic plan is Postpaid 39 UNI5G. However, if you value value through the quota offered, you can choose Postpaid 69 UNI5G or Postpaid 99 UNI5G. UNI5G's 69 Postpaid Plan offers unlimited 5G internet and a free smartphone. As for Postpaid 99 UNI5G, it's worth it if you want to experience the greatness of the 5G and 4G network from Unifi. A free smartphone is also offered for this plan.

In fact, according to Unifi, if you subscribe to any UNI5G Family Postpaid, UNI5G 99 Postpaid or UNI5G Postpaid 69 plans with Unifi Broadband 300Mbps and above, you have the opportunity to receive a rebate of RM20, as long as you are an active Unifi user. In addition, you also have the option to subscribe to their fixed mobile plan which consists of the latest UNI5G Postpaid plan with 5G and 4G data quota, free 5G phone and 100Mbps Unifi Broadband at a price starting at only RM149 per month.

So, for those of you who are considering subscribing to a worthwhile postpaid plan, now is the right time to switch to Unifi. Not only can you use unlimited 5G and 4G internet, you can also enjoy using the internet from Unifi. This is coupled with recognition as the telecommunications company that offers the best mobile video experience in Malaysia, based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q1-Q2 2023.

Join Various Family Style Contests

Unifi is also running a contest for this plan campaign where you can win some exciting prizes. Among what you need to do is you need to create a short video or photo at any KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus stop, share it on your TikTok or Instagram, and don't forget to include #UNI5GFAMILY in the sharing. Also don't forget to set your account to public viewing. The best social media sharing will give you a chance to win 1 unit of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and some other prizes, which will be delivered in January 2024. So, switch to Unifi today, and join the Unifi contest now because it's only going on until December 31st.

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