Beeper Mini Will Also Support FaceTime And Other Messaging Platforms


Beeper Mini is the best solution for Android users to enjoy iMessage. It does not require any Apple ID account, it does not log user data to a Mac Mini server and every message is guaranteed to be encrypted. In the future, Beeper Mini will also include FaceTime support.

The original Beeper is now dubbed as Beeper Cloud, where many messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, RCS and others can be used in one application. Beeper Cloud however connects user accounts to a private special server. In the near future, around 15 messaging platforms will be integrated into the Beeper Mini-like app – so that one day they can just use the Beeper name.

Beeper Mini will also be updated for tablet support, every message can be backed up and restored, Chat Bubbles for Android devices, scheduling messages and more. The application is also guaranteed to be end-to-end encrypted without relying on any private server.

Will you be using Beeper Mini or later Beeper as an all-in-one messaging app that costs RM9.99 a month? I've been using Beeper (now Beeper Cloud) for almost two years, Beeper Mini if it supported all the messaging platforms I use now – I'd definitely subscribe.

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