Beeper Will Defeat If Apple Continues to Block iMessage on Android


Beeper seems to be giving up on offering iMessage usage on Android. In the new update of Beeper Mini, users are required to log in their Apple ID account to a Mac or iOS device to get a valid iMessage registration code because Apple has prevented the use of iMessages that use fake device identities. Not only that, Beeper also encourages users to use a jailbroken iPhone.

For now they are confident that this new update will not be blocked by Apple. But if Apple is still adamant, Beeper says they will continue to stop bringing iMessage support to Android. Not only that, the Beeper Mini source code that allows Android users to use iMessage without an Apple ID account is also open to the public so that anyone can check, repair and develop with it.

So for now, Android users who want to use iMessage on their respective devices or on Windows computers – Beeper Cloud requires users to log in with their Apple ID to the Mac server. Sunbird, Nothing Chat and Beeper have been impressed. Text under Automattic (the company behind Claude AI, WordPress) will also change their strategy.

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