Black Shark Black Magic Controller Launched With Multi-Platform Support

 Black Shark has been quiet for a long time with no news about the launch of their new smartphone. Last August they did a surprise by selling smart watches. Today they finally came out of the cave and unleashed Black Magic.

Black Magic is a multi-platform game controller that uses Bluetooth. According to Black Shark it supports PC, Nintendo Switch, iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Not only that, the analog stick on this controller is also guaranteed not to experience stick drift issues because it uses the Hall Effect type.

The Black Magic controller uses a layout similar to the Xbox controller. The left button is ABYX, then in front is the D-Pad with analog, on the right another analog, 4 normal shoulder buttons and 4 additional buttons on the back.

Black Magic also has a realistic haptic vibration system in addition to being equipped with a 1000mAh battery with a durability of up to 10 hours and a handle with additional grip that is laser engraved. Black Magic is currently seen to be sold in China only at a price of RMB 259 (~RM169) each.

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