FoodPanda : Roti Canai is the most frequently ordered food, followed by Satay and Village Fried Rice

 FoodPanda today shared their data throughout 2023, showing the most popular and most frequently ordered foods through the platform.

According to the data shared, the following are the five most frequently ordered foods through FoodPanda throughout 2023:

Roti canai


Nasi goreng kampung

Egg bread

Nasi lemak

FoodPanda also stated that roti canai and fried nasi goreng dominated bookings for breakfast, lunch and even dinner – thus showing that it is one of the food choices that satisfy the appetite throughout the day.

For PandaMart, the most frequently ordered items are chocolate-flavored creamy bread, followed by white bread and eggs.

FoodPanda also stated that 12 noon is the peak time for orders throughout the year. In addition, Sunday is the day that sees the most orders at FoodPanda.

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