Fossil Will Reportedly No Longer Offer Wear OS Watches

 Fossil Gen 6 owners have been waiting a long time for the Wear OS 4 update which so far has not arrived. Yesterday there were reports that the wait will not end because Fossil is believed to be stopping update support and sales of wristbands with the Wear OS operating system. Through Reddit a user claimed that the manager of the Reddit store said that the sale of this smart watch will be stopped.

In addition to no more scheduled updates lately, Fossil also started selling Fossil Gen 6 with a 50% discount which gives a sign that they want to run out of stock. There are users who are looking forward to Gen 7 because Gen 6 is launched in 2021 which makes it quite old. At this time Fossil has not released an official statement regarding the future of their Wear OS watches.

The Wear OS platform is interesting but can be seen in the sales figures of the Apple Watch dominating over 50% of the smart watch market. Samsung is in second place with Wear OS only holding 22% of the market according to Counterpoint figures last month. With Apple Watch sales in the United States stalling since yesterday, it's possible that Wear OS can increase their stake in Q1 2024.

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