Microsoft Tests Windows OS Reinstallation Via Windows Update

 Reinstalling Windows in case of computer problems is a last resort that I often used once upon a time. The majority of issues will go away quickly with this step. But to do it, various steps need to be taken and quite complex for those who are less knowledgeable. The process of reinstalling the operating system (OS) will be easier through the Beta test that is being done by Microsoft.

According to the Windows Latest page, the option "Fix Problems using Windows Update" has appeared on the latest Beta test of Windows 11. The option to reinstall the OS can be done with just one click of the "Reinstall now" button. There is a note on the screen explaining that the user's apps, settings and personal files will not be deleted through this feature.

It's a move I've wanted for quite some time while still using Windows. For current Windows users, this feature if given in the full version will make it easier to repair problematic Windows 11.

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