MW75 Neuro Headphones Read Brain Waves To Change Audio Settings

 EEG technology that reads brain waves has been used successfully to enable stroke patients to speak again. EEG technology is now also used in the Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro headphone accessory that reads brain waves to automatically change audio settings.

The MW75 Neuro uses twelve EEG sensors matched to technology developed by Neurable. Apabile detects brainwaves that are focusing on something, the headphones will switch to ANC noise canceling mode and activate do not disturb mode on the smartphone.

This automation can be set by MW75 Neuro owners themselves through the app. In theory if it detects the brainwaves of a sleeping user the headphones can turn off the music and power automatically. In addition, the application can also suggest the user to rest if it detects that the user's brain is under stress.

The MW75 Neuro is based on the previously launched MW75 headphones. It features a 40mm audio driver, eight microphones, and a battery that can last up to 32 hours. It also supports bluetooth with codedcAAC support, SBC can aptX adaptive. A pair of Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro sells for $649 (~RM3009).

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