Google Drive For iOS Can Now Scan Documents

 There are many applications that can scan documents where users can use the device's camera to take pictures of documents such as letters, and receipts to be converted into a digital version. This application then allows the user to copy the text on the document or directly change the image that has been taken into PDF format.

Usually many people use the CamScanner or Adobe Scan application. Recently, if you already use various Google services – Google Drive for iOS has been updated for document scanner support. To use it, on the home page of the application there is a floating camera icon above the "+" button. Press and allow camera access on the device to start scanning.

This Google Drive document scanner will help users ensure documents have sharp details, can take multiple pages at once and more. Each document will be saved as a PDF directly into Drive.

Currently this feature is limited to Google Workspace users with individual accounts. In my tests, normal users still can't use it. This feature is available to Google Drive version 4.2023.46227 which is available for download on the Apple App Store.


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