NVIDIA Expected to Introduce “Rubin” Series of Graphics Chips for Artificial Intelligence and HPC Purposes in 2025

 At the beginning of this year, NVIDIA has introduced a series of graphics processing chips "Blackwell" developed specifically for the purpose of artificial intelligence and also HPC (High Performance Computing) for data centers and so on and through it has introduced the NVIDIA RTX 5000 graphics card.

This processing chip is expected to be used throughout 2023 and 2024 where NVIDIA introduced graphics cards such as the GH200 earlier this month. Recently, there are rumors that NVIDIA has already chosen a name for their next graphics chip.

It is expected to be named "Rubin", after the astronomer Vera Rubin, which is a significant change, where previously the component was only named after famous physicists. Vera Rubin is known for the discovery of "dark matter" which also helps explain a number of things in the world of physics.

Not much is known about this graphics chip for now, but the same rumor says that NVIDIA will show two processing chips, R100 and GR200 that will be used as cards for artificial intelligence and HPC purposes, as it was said earlier.

In fact, it is still unknown which semiconductor chip manufacturer NVIDIA will use to develop this processing chip. Their options include TSMC with the N3/N3X process, Intel with the 18A process or Samsung with the SF3 or SF3P process.

It is also not known yet whether NVIDIA will use the same chip design to introduce their NVIDIA GeForce gaming graphics card products in 2025.

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