Google Play Movies & TV Will Be Completely Terminated Starting January 17, 2024

 Today Apple has made Apple TV the streaming hub for the majority of video streaming platforms, including with live sports broadcasts. They also updated the iTunes Store so that all video content can only be accessed on Apple TV. But did you know that Google has been doing the same thing for the last two years with Google TV?

Before Google TV existed, video content could be rented and purchased through Google Play Movies & TV. This application will be discontinued starting January 17, 2024 so that users can switch to YouTube and the Google TV application. However, on the Play Store web version this category is still maintained and it seems to confuse people. Therefore, now the Play Store will no longer include video content.

According to Google, here's a new way to buy or rent video content;

On Android TV televisions or streaming devices, there will be a Shop tab added. Content can be accessed through Your Library.

On Android TV boxes, the YouTube app will be the place to buy and rent video content.

In the web browser, YouTube is also the same place.

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