Google's Most Popular Search Topics Over 25 Years Turned into Games


Google celebrates their 25th anniversary this year and over the course of this century they have a list of the most popular searches year after year. Therefore, in conjunction with this significant anniversary, the most popular search topic has been transformed into The Most Searched Playground game, similar to the popular open series Where's Wally.

25 icons representing the hottest topics in the categories of music, art & science, games, culture and travel need to be searched in the sea of thousands of objects in the Most Searched Playground. Among the things to look for are Taylor Swift, Ronaldo and the Eiffel Tower. We tried to find them all but at the time of writing the article was still unsuccessful.

If you want to spend some free time racking your brain and testing your eye's ability to find small objects, The Most Searched Playground game can be accessed through the link below.

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