Huawei Offers Mercedes And Audi Chance To Invest In New Company Focused On Automotive Software

Huawei is already focusing on the automotive arena, and has partnered with a number of vehicle manufacturing companies in offering their automotive sensor and software solutions. Previously, Huawei was ready to transfer the smart car division to a new company. Further to that, now it is reported that Huawei has offered the opportunity to Mercedes Benz and Audi to invest in the new company.

For now, the talks are still at an early stage, and Huawei is offering a stake of around 3% to 5% of the new company's stake. Huawei's move to offer holdings to several other companies is seen as a strategic move to expand cooperation to the global level, and is not limited to brands in China only. With the presence of external investors, it may be able to avoid Huawei experiencing trade restrictions as experienced by the telecommunications sector before.

Anyway, for now, no official comment has been released, and Mercedes Benz says this is purely market speculation.

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