Iman Pro App For iPhone Got A New Breath – Supports iPad View And Widgets

 Iman Pro is one of the applications focusing on the Muslim lifestyle, but with a minimalist design. It comes in the form of a free version application called Iman, and also a paid version called Iman Pro.

Most recently, the developer of the Iman Pro application has already updated it, as well as renewing various code structures, and the use of APIs. Along with it, Iman Pro is now given an updated interface.

With this update as well, Iman Pro offers full iPad support, in addition to including support for the Apple Watch. Users can also use various widget features according to their taste and arrangement on their respective devices.

For those of you who are already using Iman Pro, you can update your application today through the App Store, and enjoy the various updates and optimizations that come with it.

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