iPhone 15 Series Starting at RM21/Month – No Limits, Only Long-lasting Fun With Yes 5G


Every year when the latest iPhone series comes out, we can see that almost all Apple's official distributor stores are filled with people showing interest in these smartphones. Like this time, the iPhone 15 series has been launched. It's being grabbed, selling like hot fried bananas that need to be snapped up quickly while stocks last.

One of the ways you can get the iPhone 15 series is through a subscription to a telecommunications plan from a mobile network provider in Malaysia. Yes 5G is also no exception in offering a plan package for the latest iPhone 15 series at the most affordable commitment price in Malaysia for those of you who are interested.

Why You Should Get iPhone 15 Series Through Yes 5G Subscription?

Matching a smartphone with an internet plan subscription is very important for us to get a more enjoyable and optimal usage experience. Either way, if we buy an expensive smartphone but the internet network is problematic, it will certainly interfere with the smoothness of our daily life, right?

That's why you need to get the latest iPhone 15 series through an internet subscription from Yes 5G. This is because Yes 5G has received recognition from Ookla as the fastest mobile network provider in Malaysia for two consecutive years. They are ranked first in the category of download speed and upload speed when compared to other telecommunication companies in Malaysia.

Apart from the performance of the Yes 5G mobile network, the plan offered is also worth subscribing to, especially if you want to get the iPhone 15 series with it. This is because, you only have to pay at prices starting as low as RM21 every month to enable you to own an iPhone 15.

What Do You Get With This Plan?

According to Yes 5G, they offer the lowest total cost of ownership for the iPhone compared to other telecommunications companies. This is because Yes 5G has the lowest monthly installment payments in Malaysia, no upfront fees are charged and it also has unlimited high-speed 5G internet. So, there is no limit, only long-lasting enjoyment that you can enjoy if you subscribe to a plan from Yes 5G.

The monthly price you have to pay every month to own the iPhone 15 series starts as low as RM21 up to RM321. The price for this device depends on the device model, storage size and the contract period you want. The contract subscription period is also quite flexible because you can choose a contract whether you want a contract for a period of 24 or 36 months. But this plan is not only limited to the iPhone 15 series because Yes 5G offers this plan for those of you who are interested in the iPhone 13 series and above. You can visit the Yes 5G official site for more information to see how much the monthly commitment is to pay for the model you want.

However, for those of you who are still in the consideration phase to switch lines, don't worry because Yes 5G opens up the opportunity for you to try their 5G network for free for 30 days. What you will get during this trial period is a free eSIM and unlimited 5G data and speed. During the trial period, you can still use the plan you are currently subscribed to. In fact if you are wondering if you will be charged after the 30 day trial, the answer is no. No fees will be charged and you don't have to worry about having to make a payment after the trial period ends. This is because you are not bound by any contract from Yes 5G.


So how? If you are considering getting the iPhone 15 series and at the same time want a monthly commitment that can be said to be quite Rahmah, subscribe to a plan from Yes 5G. At a starting price as low as RM21 per month, you can get the experience of using the iPhone 15 series at an optimal level.

Just imagine, you can buy the iPhone 15 series at a low subscription price, and at the same time can enjoy the fastest internet in Malaysia from Yes 5G. Isn't this something you want the most? So, there is no more reason for you to delay buying the iPhone series you want. Feel for yourself the pleasure of using a new smartphone and make Yes 5G the first choice for your desired internet plan subscription. For those who are interested, you can get it through Yes Store or Yes Business Partners throughout Malaysia, while stocks last

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