Ireland Studying Introducing Algorithm Deactivating Features On Video Streaming Platforms

 Watching videos on streaming platforms these days is a rather frustrating experience. If you watch a video by mistake, the platform will suddenly recommend watching videos of the same genre repeatedly. Algorithms used by video streaming platforms cause this issue to persist to this day. Coimisiún na Meán (Irish Media Commission) has now started collecting feedback from the public on the introduction of a feature to deactivate video recommendation algorithms on streaming platforms.

This deactivation is one way to prevent inappropriate videos from being recommended to viewers under the upcoming Online Safety Code initiative. For example, sometimes if they watch a video about a disease, sometimes a video with wrong facts will be recommended so that it can have a negative effect. It is also hoped to avoid the issue of spreading extreme content, especially among children.

In addition to giving users the power to deactivate existing algorithms, streaming service providers also need to put algorithm reset features in the hands of users. The algorithm reset feature already exists on TikTok while YouTube has a feature that does not save watch history that keeps turning off video recommendations on the front page.

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