Mercedes Adds Turquoise Blue Lights To Indicate The Car Is In Self-driving Mode


Mercedes has developed their own self-driving technology, called Mercedes Drive Pilot, and is now allowed to be used in several states in the United States. In parallel, Mercedes added an additional light to their vehicles, aiming to give an indication when the car is self-driving.

Turquoise lights are added to the rear and front – indicating that the car is in self-driving mode.

This turquoise blue light was chosen because it is unlike any other light color – and also contrasts with the blue light on emergency vehicle sirens. This light provides a sign for other users including the authorities to easily know about the driving mode of a vehicle.

Under the Mercedes Drive Pilot mode that will be offered in Nevada and California through Mercedes S-class and EQS vehicles, it will allow users to use a self-driving system that not only provides the freedom to remove feet and hands from the driving system (such as the gas pedal and steering wheel), but also look away to do something else. This at the same time makes this Mercedes system better than other self-driving systems – allowing users to do other tasks while they want to get to their destination.

This Mercedes self-driving system can be used in traffic jams and on some selected highways when traveling at speeds below 64km/h. Outside of Nevada and California highways, the self-driving system cannot be used.

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