Microsoft Phi-2 Model Launched To Run On Smartphones


Gemini Nano is Google's LLM model that now runs directly on Pixel 8 Pro devices. With this artificial intelligence (AI) built into smartphones without the need for internet support can be done. Today Microsoft announced their Phi-2 small language model (SLM) model that is also small enough to run directly from mobile smart devices.

According to Microsoft, although Phi-2 only supports 2.7 billion parameters its performance is better than Llama-2 and Mistral each support 7 billion parameters. It also performed better in some tests when compared to the Gemini Nano which has 3.2 billion parameters. Phi-2 can be run directly on mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops.

AI available on devices has several advantages besides not requiring an internet connection. It can be trained with each user's personal data on their device. Each of these virtual assistants will better understand the user's needs. Because the data does not require the internet, it is also stored neatly in the device without having to worry about privacy issues.

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