Midea Launches Washing Machines With Built-in Robot Vacuums


Washers with built-in dryers have been around for a long time. The same goes for microwave ovens with conventional oven systems. Two-in-one kitchen appliances can save space in homes with limited floor space. Midea has announced the WASHBOT which is a washing machine that also houses a vacuum robot.

It consists of a washing machine with a dryer that opens from the front. At the bottom there is a vacuum robot that can also wipe the floor of the house. When it is done cleaning, it returns to the dock under the washing machine where the waste chamber and dirty water are automatically emptied. The owner only needs to clean the garbage room every 60 days.

Because the system of both machines is built, WASHBOT only needs an electrical power connection and a water supply to operate at home. The Midea WASHBOT is currently raising funds through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo but the price has not been announced.

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