The New Sony Xperia Pro Will Have a Focus and Zoom Control Ring Like a Real Camera

 Digital cameras have many advantages over cameras used on smartphones. Better lenses, larger sensors and more detailed manual controls allow for more beautiful pictures to be taken. It is now rumored that Sony will introduce a control loop system on the new Xperia Pro model that is similar to that used on digital cameras.

This loop provides the ability to control the camera's zoom, focus and aperture with a real physical loop. At the moment it is still just a rumor but if there is a smartphone company that can do it it is Sony as they are the world's leading mirrorless digital camera manufacturer.

The issue that will arise later is the size and because the Xperia Pro is small it may make this system difficult to use. But if successful it could attract the attention of smartphone photography enthusiasts to use the Xperia Pro because of its uniqueness.

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