Newest HUAWEI Experience Store Opened at The Exchange TRX


As we know, the newest shopping center in Kuala Lumpur which is The Exchange TRX has already opened last month. The opening has given a breath of fresh air to the list of shopping destinations in the capital. With the presence of many famous and branded shops, the atmosphere in this shopping center feels so exclusive and luxurious, almost on par with T20.

Likewise with HUAWEI who also opened another Experience Store branch at The Exchange TRX. With the opening of this store, you can experience for yourself the latest products from HUAWEI in an exclusive atmosphere. Of course you are wondering, what is the special feature of the HUAWEI Experience Store at The Exchange TRX compared to other branches in Malaysia? These are some of the privileges available at the HUAWEI Experience Store at The Exchange TRX.

The Only HUAWEI Branch With This Design In Malaysia

Previously, the HUAWEI Experience Store in China had its own unique design. However, with the presence of the HUAWEI Experience Store at The Exchange TRX, a new chapter in the design of this store has begun. The new design introduced at the HUAWEI Experience Store TRX is the first to be produced outside of China. This makes no other HUAWEI Experience Store branch in Malaysia have a similar design.

When it comes to the interior design of the store, the interior of the store is specially designed to provide a unique experience to each customer. Every corner of the store is carefully planned to promote interactivity and customer engagement. Through it, you can feel for yourself the experience of using the latest products from HUAWEI. Not only can you have a practical experience, but also help you make a wise decision before making a purchase.

Dedicated Space For Product Usage Experience

Not only that, the new HUAWEI Experience Store also has a Discover HUAWEI space. This dedicated space is designed to allow you to try the latest products from HUAWEI. For example, if you are interested in trying the latest smartphone launched by HUAWEI, you can try the device at the HUAWEI Experience Store TRX. Not only limited to smartphones, there are also various other HUAWEI products that you can try such as tablets, laptops, and wearable devices. By trying a variety of these products, you can make a choice that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Workshop and Seminar Room

In addition, there is also a room that allows workshops and product seminars to be held. These product workshops and seminars are done to give you a better understanding of HUAWEI products. For example, you want to learn how to improve the use of the HUAWEI smartphone camera, in order to produce high-quality pictures. So, this session opens up an opportunity for you to ask questions and get direct answers from HUAWEI. Therefore, a space like this at the HUAWEI Experience Store TRX can help you improve your experience using HUAWEI products.

HUAWEI Vision V 98"

This product seminar also uses the HUAWEI Vision V 98", which is the largest screen in Malaysia today. This large screen can display product features more clearly. Through it, you can understand the performance of every HUAWEI product you own or will own. The use of this big screen can give you a more enjoyable seminar experience.

The First VIP Room in the HUAWEI Experience Store in Malaysia

VIP room

Most interestingly, the HUAWEI Experience Store at The Exchange TRX provides a VIP room. This makes it the first branch in Malaysia to offer VIP rooms for customers. Good news for those of you who call in advance to see HUAWEI products in detail. You will be invited to enter the VIP room, where you can see the selected products in detail. Through it, you can research HUAWEI products while gaining a better understanding of the features and advantages offered.

For those of you who bought HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Design or HUAWEI Mate X3, you will be invited to the VIP room to unbox the product. Through it, you can check the condition of the product. If you have any product-related questions, you can directly ask the staff at the store. So, you don't have to waste time to return to the store many times.


With the HUAWEI Exchange Store at The Exchange TRX, you can enjoy the new store design, experience using HUAWEI products, and have the opportunity to be taken to the VIP room with the purchase of certain products. The HUAWEI Experience Store at The Exchange TRX is not only a shopping destination, but also a knowledge center about HUAWEI products.

With various promotions in conjunction with the opening of this store, you can take advantage of the various attractive offers on offer. This Experience Store is open at C.64.0 Plaza The Exchange TRX from 10am to 10pm. So, what are you waiting for? Bring yourself to the HUAWEI Experience Store to try HUAWEI products for yourself and experience the experience at this Experience Store.

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