The Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Offered With A Kit That Turns It Into A Boat


The Tesla Cybertruck finally began to be received by buyers after a delay of more than two years. After the launch many still say it is the ugliest vehicle of 2023 and some say it is a paradigm shift in automotive design. Elon Musk through a tweet at X now says they will offer a kit that allows the Cybertruck to operate as a boat.

The kit will improve the ability to prevent water ingress through the door. Musk added, through the Cybertruck kit it can operate like a boat up to a distance of only 100 meters. This is not a long distance but it is useful in flash flood situations that often occur in Malaysia during the monsoon season.

Previously there was a third party company that wanted to offer a Cybercat flotation kit that allowed the Cybertruck to transform into a boat. What Tesla wants to offer is different because no external accessories need to be added.

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