OK Vision – New Satellite TV Broadcast Service In Malaysia, At RM20 Per Month

 Ansat Broadcast today officially launched a new satellite TV broadcast service in Malaysia, named as OK Vision. For information, it is a pay television service that is already available in Indonesia, and is now being expanded to the Malaysian market.

OK Vision provides 35 channels transmitted via satellite to the OK100 device connected using a KU-wave satellite antenna. Through it, it provides free channel broadcasts including RTM, TV3, CNA, SUKETV, MNCTV and so on.

And under the OK PEK plan priced at RM20 per month, it also offers a number of other additional channels, including Crime Investigation, Outdoor, MNC Drama, GTV, ZeeBioskop, and several others.

OK Vision also brought the slogan "Rajanya Sinetron", at the same time showing the focus of its content which covers the content of "sinetron" dramas from neighboring countries. The initial installation cost for OK Vision has not been disclosed at this time.

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