PDRM and Whoscall Give 1 Million Free Premium Accounts to Stop Scams

 Earlier this year, PDRM announced a collaboration with Whoscall to share the Check Scammers CCID report data which allows calls received by users to be labeled whether the call is at risk of being a scam call, or vice versa.

Since January 2023, this collaboration between PDRM and Whoscall has successfully reduced the rate of answering scam calls, with 41% of calls blocked by Whoscall users based on data provided by the Commercial Crime Investigation Department (JSJK). Even in this 11-month period until November 2023, the response rate to scam calls decreased by 50% as a result of data sharing.

Continuing in intensifying activities to curb scams, today PDRM and Whoscall announced the provision of 1 million Whoscall Premium accounts with functions such as Caller ID, Block Spam Calls Automatically, Update Scammer Databases Automatically as well as new functions namely Whatsapp Call ID and URL Scanner without any ads.

You can redeem Whoscall Premium using the promo code [ PDRMLawanScams ] on the official Whoscall website and can use the account for one year and only 1 million premium accounts can be redeemed. This Whoscall Premium account free redemption offer will be open until March 31, 2024.

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