Quantum Computer Unbreakable National Digital Identity Cryptography

The concept of the National Digital Identity system was shown in 2020 with the government wanting to offer it to the public starting early next year. Yesterday Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yesterday officially became the "first person to hold a National Digital Identity" even though several other individuals previously had the same ID at the trial stage.

Yesterday in the Ruang Bicara program with Bernama, Special Duties Officer at the Home Minister's Office, Dr Azman Hussin said the National Digital Identity cryptography cannot be broken even using a quantum computer. This is because it uses post-quantum computing compliant cryptographic technology developed by local universities.

He also stated that the technology used by the National Digital Identity was developed entirely using local expertise. It was developed for the purpose of verifying the identity of individuals to do various transactions online in the future.

Malaysia is one of the first countries to develop a national digital identity that can then be stored on the phone instead of the physical identity card that has been in use for a long time. Apple Wallet and Samsung Wallet applications are among those that not only support digital identity but also passports in pilot tests.

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