Framework for Registration of Social Media Companies in Malaysia Prepared by SKMM in One Month


The framework for the registration of social media companies in Malaysia will be prepared by Surujanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia (SKMM) within a month. This was confirmed by the Minister of the Ministry of Digital Communications (KKD) Fahmi Fadzil in a press conference held yesterday.

The Malaysian government's intention to require the registration of media companies was announced last September as one of the measures to facilitate the platform's regulators. Then early last month Fahmi Fadzil again said the government was considering licenses for social media companies to operate in Malaysia.

This is the same as what Indonesia did last year. A period of one month was taken to produce the framework due to the need to gather feedback after meeting with several social media operators before.

Fahmi Fadzil was also quoted as saying that the government still has no plans to block certain social media platforms at this time. But he insisted action would be taken if the platform was found to allow the spread of extreme content.

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