Shell Recharge's 360kW High-Performance EV Charger Will Be Operating At Resorts World Genting As Early As 2024 – Kelantan & Terengganu To Follow


With the rapid increase in electric vehicles catalyzed by government initiatives to encourage this industry, there is a need for more chargers to be available in various locations to ensure that electric vehicle users can charge and continue their journey. Today, Shell Recharge in collaboration with Porsche Malaysia and Genting Malaysia Limited signed an agreement to develop a high-performance 360kW EV charger at Resorts World Genting.

At this location, a total of 10 charging parks consisting of 4 360kW and 6 22kW AC Type 2 chargers will be available, and as an example of charging time estimates using a Porsche Taycan, these chargers can charge from 5-80% within 20 minutes. This charger will be operational in early 2024.

Shell Recharge now uses a price tariff based on the electricity capacity charged, and not based on the minutes the charge is taken. For this location as well, users need to use the Shell ParkEasy application to charge electric vehicles, with the charging price of 22kW AC will be charged a Booking Price (Confirmation Fee) of RM 8.00, and for each kWh at a rate of RM 1.30 / kWh. If the vehicle is left without any charging (idle fee) for more than 15 minutes, an additional price of RM 2.00 per 30 minutes will be charged, with a maximum charge of RM 200 per session.

For the 360 kW high-performance charger, the Reservation Price is charged at RM 10, with a rate of RM 2.80 per kWh for charging, and when the vehicle is left without any charging performed for more than 15 minutes, an additional price of RM 10 per 15 minutes will be charged, with a maximum charge each session RM400.

The price mentioned above is only the charging rate for Shell Recharge at Genting HPC Hub and the rate at other locations is different, according to the charging capacity offered. To date, Shell Recharge has 136 charging stations in the main cities of Peninsular Malaysia, and is able to connect electric vehicle users traveling between Thailand, Malaysia and even Singapore. Even Shell Recharge will also launch their high-performance chargers in Kelantan and Terengganu next year.

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