The MY TouristPay application makes it easier for foreign tourists to spend in Malaysia without cash

 The tourism sector has been identified as one of the contributors that benefit the country. Thus various initiatives have been intensified and one of them is through the introduction of the MY TouristPay application.

As the name suggests it is designed as a comprehensive solution in facilitating payments through QR codes among foreign tourists. It not only provides a pleasant shopping experience for tourists. In fact, it also speeds up all transactions carried out by local merchants with immediate payment.

How to use it is also easy by just adding credit and debit card details to the application. Then payment can be made by scanning the QR code at business premises throughout Malaysia. It is also stated that travelers can track transaction history which includes information about daily withdrawals.

My TouristPay application is said to be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, our review found that it can only be downloaded through the Google Play Store for now, which is expected to arrive on the App Store in the near future.

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