Casio G-SHOCK G-D001 Designed Using AI Auctioned At RM 1.87 Million


In conjunction with G-SHOCK's 40th anniversary, Casio produced the G-SHOCK G-D001 designed with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) with a body made of gold. It is an initiative of Dream Project #2 which previously also launched a watch that was also made of gold but only 35 were produced. The G-SHOCK G-D001 was already auctioned last weekend at a price of $400,050 (~RM 1.87 million).

Only one G-SHOCK G-D001 was produced using 18K yellow gold and this is the reason why this special edition watch fetches such a high price. To produce the final design, artificial intelligence was trained using forty years of G-SHOCK design data.

It is still durable and can be taken diving up to 200 meters, shock resistant, comes with a solar charging system, Multiband 6 automatic time system and the Illuminator lighting system synonymous with G-SHOCK devices.

Buyers who successfully bid on this watch will only receive the G-SHOCK G-D001 in Q1 2024 as the current one is still only a prototype. It will come in a special gold-colored box equipped with lights to allow it to be displayed by buyers. In fact, when we were in Bali during the day, we could see a mock-up G-D001 watch for ourselves.

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