The Tesla Optimus Gen 2 Robot is Lighter and Faster

 Last year Tesla entered the era of robotics by showing the Optimus robot that has a human-like body. According to Elon, Optimus is a robot that will be used in factories to replace human labor. After a year of various tests, Optimus Gen 2 was revealed today with several improvements.

If the first Optimus was just a robot with a frame that didn't look neat, Optimus Gen 2 now has a design that looks more futuristic and aerodynamic like a Tesla car. It is now 10 kilograms lighter and can move 30% faster. The neck can move more freely and the robot can balance the body better.

The finger part has also been improved with a sensor that allows the appropriate pressure to be applied without damaging the object. The legs now have toes that allow it to walk like a human.

In terms of capabilities, Optimus Gen 2 is still a bit slow and clumsy when compared to the Atlas robot by Boston Dynamic which not only can walk, it can also run, jump, lift things and do somersaults like a gymnast.

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